IMBD Partners (formerly the MBD Group) Ч has been operating in the Russian market of HRM and T&D since 2002. The main product of the Company is Business Training and Development Programs.

We are dedicated to working with industrial and manufacturing enterprises, their suppliers and distributors.

We assist our Clients in resolving tactical and strategic tasks by training their personnel and developing their organization; we do this by creating Training and Development Programs to provide a comprehensive or targeted increase in efficiency of employees, both for Individual and Team.

Factors governing the high quality service and effectiveness of our services:

Ј         Comprehensive, in detail, Business Training and Development Programs with proven efficiency;

Ј         State-of-the-art technology used to create  Development Programs ROIUPЩ;

Ј         Experienced Team of full-time Trainers and Consultants;

Ј         Comprehensive Material, Technologies and Methodologies of business training and simulations;

Ј         Numerous letters of gratitude from our Clients.

That is why we guarantee the results of our Training and Corporate Development Programs.

We, as a company, set an example for our clients of how to effectively manage processes and resources, based on a high level of professional performance and concerted team effort of all our members.



Professional level and responsibility
We understand that the main qualities of any company involved in corporate training should be a high level of performance at every stage, and responsibility for the final results. Our Business Training and Personnel Development Programs comply with the highest standards. We aim at all times to be called Professionals.

Flexibility and efficiency
In everyday life we are also Clients to many of our partners, and so are very aware of the meaning of Client-focused attitude. We understand it as responding quickly to our ClientsТ needs and the ability to comply with different requirements. All our Business Training and development Programs are individual products tailored to suit the ClientТs needs.

Team work and success
To us it is obvious that significant goals can only be achieved as a result of honest and open interaction of all Team members within the Training Program, irrespective of whether it is a year-long Training Program for a Leader of Russian Industry, or a one-off Training Course in Moscow.

Opportunity for growth and self-expression
We are grateful to our Clients for the opportunity to prepare and conduct Training Programs for their employees and their trust in allowing us to come up with solutions to increasingly complex tasks. This gives all our staff opportunity for self- development and guarantees a high quality of services to our Clients.

In our work organizing training for personnel, business seminars, business simulations and management sessions we are guided by these values and we are confident that this will allow our Clients to attain more ambitious goals!


We provide a wide a range of Training Programs, Business Training and Corporate Training Programs.

In our training activity we are guided by these values and we are confident that this will allow our Clients to attain more ambitious targets.

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